03 February 2009

It was a very good year...

We had a birthday recently in the House of Onion.

JW turned Four Oh.

There was a lemon tea cake and
a failed chocolate cake disguised as delicious brownies

Other good things that turn 40 this year include:
  • Sesame Street
  • The Boeing 747
  • Abbey Road
  • Monty Python
  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid
  • The Godfather by Mario Puzo
  • Dave Grohl
  • Cate Blanchett
  • David Boreanaz
  • The Booker Prize (now the Man Booker Prize for Fiction)

Other cool things that happened 40 years ago include:
  • The moon landing
  • Woodstock
  • A horse called Rain Lover winning the Melbourne Cup (poor old Rain Lover would be sadly bereft if he were still alive today...)


Mike said...

Rain Lover sadly bereft? Surely 'a bit long in the face'.

JW 40? No, that's just what it says on the birth certificate. I wouldn't take too much notice of that.

The Alien Onions said...

Good advice, Thanks Mike!

cheers JW

sophie said...

David Boreanz? Say it isn't so. (Hot as being 4 oh is, of course).