02 February 2009

Hooray for publication day #3*

In the wonderful world of Oz, we've been lucky enough to have Shaun Tan's Tales from Outer Suburbia on our shelves since June last year, and only last week it won an Aurealis Award - WOOT!

And the Canadians got their Suburbia fix in October (published by the fine house of McClelland & Stewart).

UK readers will have to wait till March when the Templar edition is published, but the USians get their opportunity today to be swept away on the Tan wave of wonder, thanks to the good folk at Arthur A Levine books. The US edition looks a little different on the outside - but the inside is filled the same Shaun Tan goodness, much to the delight of a whole host of reviewers including these two:

"Deep sea divers. Little leaf men. Suburban water buffalo and lost dugongs. Giant mechanical penguins and getaway cars filled with turtles ... simply not to be missed."

"...one of the reasons I like Tales so much in comparison is that it really allows Mr. Tan a chance to bust a move when he feels like it."

HA! How can you not love a review that busts a move?

And speaking of reviews, there's a nice round-up on the Shaun Tan watch over at Matilda.

And if you haven't already heard Shaun talk about his work (and even if you have), we highly recommend you scoot over to his website and read what he has to say about the Making of Suburbia.

Getaway cars filled with turtles... sigh.

*We are hopelessly enamoured of Shaun's work, so please forgive us for being a little prideful.

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Mike said...

Understandable really, the prideful.

It will be fascinating to see how the USians take to Outer Suburbia.