29 January 2009

Wilted Onions

Apparently everything breaks when the temperature is over 40 degrees Celsius (that's 104 degrees Fahrenheit) for two days in a row: trains, trams, electricity... brains.

So while we lie on the floor panting, here are some pretty/interesting/funny/educational things. (OK, none of these are educational.)

Vampires. We like them. We really like them when they are being staked, or when they are all dark and broody and have a soul, or bleached hair, an English accent and (eventually) a soul .

That's why we like this so much.
'But you know what they say: stakes don't kill vampires; girls with stakes kill vampires. Mr Sparkly, meet Mr Pointy.'

And this. It speaks for itself, really.

As has been stated before, most of the Onions are firmly Team Jacob (though we wavered temporarily after seeing the film), but the thought of snuggling up to an ice-cold vamp is actually mighty appealing in the midst of this heatwave. Although, come to think of it, I suppose Edward doesn't actually have an internal refrigeration device, does he? I mean, he's cold because he frequents cold climates. In this heat he'd just be room-temperature. ICK. Scratch that thought, still Team Jacob over here.


Anonymous said...

Okay, *best* blog entrance ever - Buffy, how I heart you!

BUT THEN: Edward at room temperature? What?! No! Edward will never be room temperature. Edward will always be icy! I am convinced! Even on a tropical island for his honeymoon, say! Who's with me? Who's with me?!

Team Edward's Onion Representative xxx

elise said...

Bah. Pshaw. You can have your Edward - just leave me my Billy Idol look-alike gunning it to the tune of I did It My Way. The Spikester Rulz.