29 January 2009

Don't Judge an Ankle...

This extraordinary news just in from the Mothership (thanks LB).

When Teri Brown saw the proposed cover of her first YA novel Read My Lips, she was unexpectedly delighted.

"I loved it, but I was really surprised they put the whole face. There's a cover trend of the heads being cut off in the picture..." (gossip girl anyone?)

And it seems Teri's regard for the book design grew stronger over time.

"I ended up loving the font and the colors so much I had the title tattooed onto my ankle!"

Hello - authors? - this is how you show commitment to cover typography.
Anything less than a tattoo* and we will be convinced that the pleasure you have expressed about your book cover design is not entirely genuine.**

And designers, clearly the challenge for you is to inspire our authors to get them to a body art emporium.

Let the inking begin!

* Ankle, lower back, shoulder, hip... we are not prescriptive about body part.
** We will accept temporary tattoos, but we will need photographic evidence.

1 comment:

Misrule said...

So this isn't an Onion book, is it? Looks interesting!