05 January 2009

Happy New Year!

The things Onions did on the holidays include:
  • Were [almost] converted to Team Edward (Movie Edward - he actually has a sense of humour!)
  • Started reading some new books, but cheated on them with old favourites
  • Played frisbee in the park
  • Ate, ate, ate, ate, ate
  • Didn't receive a SINGLE book for Christmas
  • Saw a sunrise
  • Watched gentlemens in white, wielding willow (thwack!)
  • Dog-walked in the late afternoon sun

Things Onions are excited about in the shiny new year:
  • 29 degrees and sunny
  • New diaries
  • New production database program thingy (no really, this IS exciting!)
  • New Harry Potter movie (at some point)
  • Advance copies of all those books we toiled over late last year


Misrule said...

Welcome back, Onions! I was thinking today I had neglected to include the Onions on my Highlights of 08 blog post (although I did include Girlfriend fiction), so I'll make reparations next time I blog. Here's to a year of fabulous new books—I'm sure you won't disappoint!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, this late little Onion had her car stolen! Met a pelican on a pretend beach. And read all 4 Stephenie Meyer books in under a week like a lunatic, so can now proudly pronounce herself: TEAM EDWARD!!!