15 January 2009

Vote early, vote often

Oh words, how we HEART you.
And it's always exciting when new ones are welcomed into the world.

So we are happy happy joy joy that (our favourite dictionary) The Macquarie is open for business on voting for Word of the Year 2008 .

Word of the Year is a relatively new innovation at Macquarie.

The inaugural winner in 2006 was:
muffin top
noun Colloquial the fold of fat around the midriff which, on an overweight woman, spills out over the top of tight-fitting pants or skirts.
(oh dear)
Word of the Year 2007 was:
pod slurping
noun the downloading of large quantities of data to an MP3 player or memory stick from a computer.
And the 2007 The People's Choice Award was:
password fatigue
no definition required. sigh.
This year our favourites include:
noun Colloquial a backpacker who travels in relative luxury.
Wii shoulder
noun painful inflammation of the shoulder caused by excessive playing of virtual computer games involving movement.
(though we wonder if this one is a little behind the times as Onion encounters with Wii shoulder were way back in 2007)
noun Colloquial a non-sexual but intense friendship between two males.
You only have until midnight 31 January so go forth and vote.

PS: We Onions are very pro all the guerrilla gardening activities we have seen around town.


lili said...

Bromance! Lolcat! Fanta pants!

But why would you say "baby-brain" when you can say "mumnesia"?

And I refuse to believe that anyone actually says "pod slurping".

Penni Russon said...

Baby brain gives me the wiggins. It's a word that could go horribly wrong in the wrong hands.

Jellyfish said...

I can't pick between fantapants and bromance! And bff!

Very exciting to be able to vote for lolcat. Hee.

I'm with Lili in the podslurping. Some old person thought that one up and stacked the votes.