30 July 2012

Introducing ... Barry and Stella

Midwinter is proving to be a very busy time in the House of Onion. So much reading; so much editing; so much cover designing; so many books going to the printer ...*

We were beginning to despair of getting everything done.

So you can imagine our delight when we discovered that we will be hosting two work-experience slaves  students who will ease our burdens learn all the things.

The first task we've delegated is writing the blog furthering our social media agenda.

So for this week, we will leave you in the capable hands of Barry and Stella. We first met these two when they helped us out in the making of Too Cold for a Tutu

They've promised to take good care of Alien Onion ... with strictly no hijinks.

Over to you, Barry and Stella!


Barry: Hello, everyone! This is so exciting. We're very pleased to be here.
Stella: Why do you get to type first?
Barry: Because I'm older.
Stella: I hate that rule.
Barry: You can't type that, we're being professional.
Stella: Too late, I already did. Hey, can we show everyone the photos?
Barry: Okay, you pick and I'll do the captions.


Here we are this morning, arriving at the House for work experience. Please note, Stella is wearing her tutu even though I told her she needed to look professional. She said you can never be too professional for a tutu.

Some important facts about the House include that it has 51 stairs. But it didn't take long for Stella and me to find more efficient ways of getting up and down. The Onions said they are Considering our Recommendations. So that's exciting.

The first thing we were asked to do is apparently the most important thing an editor does all day.**

Then we spent the rest of the day reading and making Helpful Comments.

We can't wait to come back tomorrow!


Stella: That was really good, Barry. But I can do the captions tomorrow?
Barry: Okay. Are you going to wear your tutu again?
Stella: Yes!
Barry: Just checking.
Stella: Okay, everybody reading this, we will see you tomorrow!!! But in the meantime, if you have any opinions on the wearing of tutus in the workplace, will you please leave them in the comments? Because Barry doesn't believe that they can be Professional, but I'm pretty sure they can.

* So much Olympics to be watched, so much holidaying to be done ... FOR SOME.
** I don't know why, because the coffee tasted GROSS. And Stella got mad when I spilled some on her tutu. 


Emma said...

Good job Barry and Stella. Yes Barry, Tutus are totally professional if you wear them with a nice vest like Stella has on, and Stella totally pulls off the Professional in a tutu look.

You two are too Darn tootin' cute, keep up the good blogging.

Sadami said...

~(*o*)~! ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ·.•*•♫°•♫·.•ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ!!

The Alien Onions said...

Thank you, Emma!

Stella xx

(See, Barry!)

Barry said...

Dear Stella,

Your older, wiser brother is very correct about the tutu. You should always listen to him.

Yours sincerely,
Mr John Smithingtonson

Mrs John Smithingtonson said...

I respectfully suggest Mr John Smithingtonson is decades behind the times regarding the finer points of sartorial elegance and befittingness in office wear. Stella, OWN THAT TUTU!

Emily Paull said...

The wearing of tutus in the workplace should be mandatory.