27 July 2012

House of Books! House of Books! House of Books!

No, not that kind.


Not that kind either.


Nor yet that kind.


We have a new house in the House!

Inside House of Books you will find some of Australia's favourite and most culturally significant books, available for the first time as ebooks and print-on-demand.

That's right, writers like Miles Franklin and Thea Astley, straight to your device - speedily and for cheaps.

Because good books should never die.


Kid lit types might want to shack up with Nick Earls.

Fans of that other great house of books, Varuna, might like to move in with Eleanor Dark.

Participants in the 2012 Australian Women Writers Challenge who might need a boost from Stella to Miles, or a leg-up from Miles to Franklin-fantastic, will most definitely want to room with 

There are heaps more but we ran out of house puns.

So enter House of Books, and enjoy!

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