31 July 2012

Further adventures of Barry and Stella

Stella: Hello, everyone! Thanks for commenting on our first post!
Barry: Especially you, Mr Smithingtonson. You are very sensible.
Stella: Ha! All the real people agreed with me. Anyway, hurry up and choose the photos now, because it's my turn to write  awesome captions.
Barry: Okay. Here we go...


We were so busy today - we had all the CBCA shortlisted titles to read. Look, Barry still hasn't finished his pile.

Barry: That's because I'm doing 'attention to detail' and 'spending time with the text' like the Onions told us about.
Stella: These are my captions. You had your turn.

So anyway, while I waited for Barry to catch up, I tried to do some proofreading, but the book made me laugh too much. The Onions said it won't be out until November, so I am going to be supercool for at least three months until everyone else gets to read it too. 

After lunch Barry had to send a fax. Neither of us had ever used a fax before, and when we asked the Onion showing us why she had to send one, I think she swore a little bit under her breath. Anyway, it beeped a lot and tried to pull Barry's paw in, which is probably why no one uses them anymore. 

Then we met Charlie, a former cover model who's still hanging around trying to get his manuscript published. We were a tiny bit scared of him but the Onions said not to worry because he was mostly 'armless. I think that was meant to be a joke, because they laughed at themselves a lot.


Barry: Good job, Stella.
Stella: Thank you, Barry. Let's go home, I'm tired.

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Thaliak said...

Hey, well done to you both, Barry and Stella. Keep up the good work.