05 January 2010

Tuesday stuff and items

Welcome back!
It's the NEW year! A term bandied about with something approaching abandon in the lead-up to Christmas in the House of Onion. And now the new year is upon us, so we are buckling down to all those tasks we gleefully surrendered in the old year.

We trust you all unwrapped lots of lovely books for Christmas and had time to get some of them sandy at the beach or crumpled on the plane or soggy in the bath or lost under the couch cushions...

Here are some things that have happened while we were sleeping eating drinking reading.
  • Nicki Greenberg stormed the castle - when we say castle here, we mean the New Yorker.

  • Hot hot hot.

  • A blue moon!

  • Thunder! Lightning! Fireworks!
    The old year went out with a sizzle and a bang and the new year came in with the whisper of rain. And then there was some more spectacular banging - like this forked lightning in North Fitzroy, video taken by an Onion Sympathiser.

  • Shane Watson finally made his first Test hundred (just).

  • Some very very pleasing items arrived in the House:

And while we were merrily celebrating our achievements for the year, of course, as ever there was cake.*

*Many thanks to the Christmas cake-maker who prepared this cake on the other side of the river (there’s another side to the river?) and successfully negotiated the obstacle course that is pre-Christmas Punt road traffic and transported it all the way to leafy West Brunswick. A triumph!

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kate.o.d said...

your cakes always look delish. lucky onions! very exciting new books to expect from the house of onion, too. woot. happy new year - we were soaked to soggy skin on a rare venture to the other side of the river.