08 January 2010

A beginning, an ending, and a cake...

Phew. We made it through the first week back.* Hurrah!

January. Such a lovely month. Half the (antipodean) world is at the beach so all is quiet on the Melbourne front. The streets have tumbleweeds in them, there are fewer cars on the road (all the better for cycling), the trams are empty (all the better for getting a seat), the phone doesn’t ring, the email doesn’t ping (all the better for getting work done), the coffee emporiums are either closed or training up the new staff (all the better for… hmm, actually let us rethink that, all the worse for getting good coffee).

But, regardless, we soldier on. And things have been happening. Look what landed!

Lord Sunday - the final installment in the Keys to the Kingdom series.
You are not going to BELIEVE how it all ends. (And may we also point out that we are very excited by the gold foil on the winged figure inside Arthur. It looks awesome!)

Don’t they look fine all in a row on the bookshelf?

The Cakemaker-in-Chief has also started the year on a high note.
Look at that S cake go!**

What font is that, H?

* Well, most of us.
** In the spirit of clarity we wish to point out that it wasn't actually cake, it was an exceptionally delicious tiramisu that was consumed in seconds. (And this phrase works so much better when applied to a car.)


Celine said...

OMG tiramisu *falls over*

Might I say, onions, yours are the best Keys to the Kingdom covers ever. As usual you'redesign dept deserve pickling in brine - um, that's a compliment. Just in case it's not clear.

HR said...

Why, the S is Bodoni MT at 750pt. And it's actually italic, although amid all the finalisation kerfuffle my Assistant held the template straight up and down instead of with the desired lean.