29 January 2010

Friday stuff and items

1. The year got off to a ripper of a start when the short list for the 2010 Territory Read NT Book of the Year was announced and it featured Barry Jonsberg's Cassie and Leonie Norrington's The Devil You Know. Hooray, Barry! Hooray, Leonie! Hooray!

2: And it continued to be awesome with Nathan Jurevicius winning the Aurealis Award for Best Illustrated Book/Graphic Novel for the wonderful, the delightful, the strange and quirky (the pink!) Scarygirl. Hooray, Nathan! Hooray, Scarygirl! Hooray!

3. In a few short days, Lord Sunday, the very last book in Garth Nix's The Keys to the Kingdom series will be out in the world, and the Will of the Architect will finally be made whole. (And ZOMG the ending puts The Max in climax*.) But you don't even have to wait the few days to get started. You can listen to Garth reading the first two chapters RIGHT NOW. Download the podcast from iTunes or listen online - both links are here.

4. 'Don't ever tell anybody anything.' Vale J. D. Salinger.

5. So, the Mothership threw down the gauntlet with this amazing display - and on Wednesday we kind of accidentally picked it up. A happy confluence of events saw us inundated with more cake than we knew what to do with.** There were birthdays, and a sort-of going away that we are refusing to accept so are mostly pretending it isn't happening, and there was this array:


This is made of ice-cream, people! ICE-CREAM! It was a good day.

* I can't believe I just wrote that - but it's totally true.
** Ok, this is a lie, we knew exactly what to do with it, it just took us a couple of days rather than the usual 15 minutes.

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Alice said...

Wow, that is an impressive spread. I don't know that we've ever had ice-cream cake on the mothership! A new challenge awaits.