17 September 2009

I will tell you the truth. Trust me. - Liar!

We are so excited that Justine Larbalestier's brilliant new book Liar has almost hit the shelves. We've had so many lies to keep track of, and keep under our hats, so as soon as October rolls around, finally we'll be able to talk about them outside the House. Hooray!

And oh my, aren't we proud of our Bruno and his genius cover. It shouts to be picked up. It makes you want to run your hands over it, to caress that pooling blood (or is that just us and our fetish for embossing and spot gloss?).

We warn you, though, Liar is incredibly addictive. Once you pick it up and start reading, we suspect you'll find it pretty tricky to stop turning those pages.

We are also tickled pink that it's been attracting some very pleasing attention out in the world.*

Over here, the fabulous Lou Swinn & Zoe Dattner of Sleepers Publishing discuss it on their Twenty-first Century Bookshow - a terrifically refreshing, friendly and warm approach to talking about books. Pop on over and check out what they've been reading and recommending.

And look! We haz a trailer!

Oh, hello New York City. Colour us wanting to visit you immediately. If only there were some kind of portal linking Melbourne to NYC? Some kind of Magic door perhaps? Or would that be Madness?

*Okay, so some of the attention the original US cover attracted recently was not of the pleasing variety, but the outcome was. If you didn't see it splashed all over the internets at the time, you can catch up on the cover issue and the very interesting debate it sparked via the Publisher's Weekly articles and Justine's blog posts pre- and post- the decision to change the US jacket.

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