18 September 2009

Friday good stuff and excellent items

Next week will be Trumpets, Bells and Drums week at Alien Onion.

We've got a swag of new authors on our 2010 list and we are particularly pleased and proud to welcome them to the House of Onion, so we're throwing a parade - par-ump-upum-pa!

We'll be introducing one a day all next week.

Some of these authors are new to us but well-known in the wider world, and some are publishing their very first novels.

So bring your tickertape, your confetti, your rice (or is that just weddings?) and get ready to throw things in celebration. (Hats in the air? Yes. Shoes at people's heads? No.)

We are doing the dance of love all through the corridors of the House of Onion, past the (winsome, well-behaved) photocopier*, up and down the stairs, round the recycling bins and out onto the fire escape. Because look what has landed:

It's The Tango Collection, edited by the extraordinary and ever-effervescent Bernard Caleo.

And it's stuffed to the gills with clever, funny, moving, abrasive, rude, charming and delightful work, by creators who can take their pick as to which combination of those adjectives fits them best. It's a celebration of love in all its guises. Huzzah!

Wait, wait! (What key is it in?) It's not quite ready for you yet. But December will be upon us any moment. We can hardly wait to see it out there in the wild, glowing brightly in its beautiful red jacket. Tempting you... Teasing you... Seducing you ... Dancing away with you...

So until next week, folks, it's goodbye from me and it's goodbye from him.

No wait - that's someone else's sign off...

Good night, Australia?
Good night and good luck?
And that's the way it is?
Peter Harvey, Canberra?
Say hi to your mum for me?

Anon, anon! Come, let's away.

* Our photocopier has been a little obstreperous of late, so perhaps if we bestow it with our love and affection it will respond in kind...

1 comment:

Nicki Greenberg said...

YIPPPEEEEEE!!!! Not only is this going to be a SUPER, AMAZING, FABULOUS book, but it is also the most wonderful publishing karma by you Onions, bringing all these goodies and all these scribblers to the wider world. You are the best!!!! (tears in eyes at thought of Tango taking this leap)

PS excellent cover. I am SO excited!