06 August 2013

A Cake for All Seasons

On Sunday at the Little Bookroom in Carlton, Ann James launched Kirsty Murray's enchanting time-slip novel The Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie out into the world. It was a lovely celebration; there was laughter, and champagne and there was a book cake. The best of all cakes...

And to make up for the fact that public holidays are thin on the ground about now, several Onions had the consideration to be born at this time of year, to give us something to celebrate.

We've had the ethereal, beautiful, delicious dacquoise for SB,

the wallowingly indulgent Chocolate Peanut Butter cheesecake for ALG,

and, because not everyone has a sweet tooth, party pies and tomato sauce for EJ.

Sadly the pies were eaten too fast to capture on film.*

Happy birthday to the birthday ladies!

Thank you, bakers!

And congratulations, Kirsty!

* Well, there's an obsolete expression. 


Wendy Orr said...

Sometimes I wish I lived closer to the city...

Susan C said...

Sometimes I wish I worked for you... :-)

thaliak said...

Congrats to Kirsty! Can't wait to read The Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie.
And happy birthdays too all.