25 July 2013

It's not all sunshine and roses over here

To be sung, mournfully, to the tune of Red River Valley...

From this office they say you are going.
We will miss your dry wit and great style.
For from us you are taking the sunshine,
that has brightened our workday a while.

Come and eat gluten-free cupcakes, if you love us.
Do not hasten to bid us adieu.
But remember this old terrace building,
and the Onions who love you so true.

Tracy O'Shaughnessy - publisher extraordinaire - is leaving us.

Even though she publishes books for grown-up people, Tracy is a kindred sprit, and we will miss her very much - especially her warmth and humour ... and her willingness to go on the coffee run, even in the vilest weather.

Tracy is moving on to exciting new things at RMIT, and we wish her the very very best, but we're just going to sing a few more cowboy dirges and stuff our face with cupcakes while we get used to the idea.


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