05 November 2012

Fictions on the Field V

Is anybody out there? I hope so, because there are not very many people here in the House - which might just be Ideal Editing Conditions.
Speaking of conditions, we know that the MOST IMPORTANT contender on Cup Day is not a horse or a jockey or a trainer or a stable hand or a bookie or a punter or Bart's eyebrows or even anyone in the Waterhouse family. The MOST IMPORTANT contender on Cup Day is our long time friend-and-foe: Melbourne Weather.
Let us slip on over to BOM to see what it has in store.
Min 20    Max 26
Cloudy. Patchy rain and isolated thunderstorms clearing during the afternoon.
Oh. Dear. Moving right along...
In other news, if you fancy a little flutter we are, as ever, here to help.
Horses you would bet on in the 2012 Melbourne Cup if it were...
The Hunger Games
  • Jakkalberry
A Dr Seuss spin-off
  • Green Moon
  • Niwot
A US Civil War novel
  • Winchester
  • Cavalryman
  • Americain
Three Musketeers fan fiction
  • Mount Athos
50 Shades of Grey
  • Zabeelionaire
  • Maluckyday
A Patricia Highsmith novel
  • Unusual Suspect
A romance series set in Italy in the late 1500s
  • Galileo's Choice
  • Lights of Heaven
  • Fiorente
An editor choosing to work on the Monday before Cup Day
  • My Quest For Peace
So, racegoers you have been warned. Prepare for a wet track and off-field rain-related incidents. And remember, at the very first sign of rain - hands over champagne glasses. At the very first sign of a puddle - slippery shoes off! And at the very first sign of lightning - umbrellas away! 
No doubt it will all be quite a sight...
Enjoy all the things.

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