19 November 2012

Breaking the drought

There's been a distinct amount of no-cake in the House of Onion lately.
There's has been a dearth, a deficit, a deficiency of cake.
It's true that the Tall Designer made excellent steamed pork buns, which helped keep the editors from revolt, but still there has been a shortfall, a scarcity, a wantage of cake.
To sum up, the cake around here has been scanty.
Bring on November. Three birthdays in two weeks. A glut! An abundance! A nimiety!
We begin with a Queen of Sheba chocolate cake from Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, via Our Favourite Alien.

Oh cake, never leave again!


Anonymous said...

That cake looks gorgeous, enjoy as you have been very, very hardworking Onions!

Sadami said...

Dear Onions,
Thank you! Your elegant, so sophisticated and humorous writing lifts me up always.
Kind regards, Sadami

Miss Cackle said...

And now I am quite irretrievably famished. My baby and I might have to go on a cake hunt ...

Pris Gormley said...

There must never be a dearth of cake. It is an essential food group, consumption of which is required on a regular basis. There need not be an excuse to eat cake, just get into it and enjoy. My credentials as a cake-eater are massive. Don't say it - please.

Pris Gormley