11 May 2011

This is the reason we make books.

This is Marlo, the first grandchild to be born to the House of Onion.
We are excessively proud of him.

There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world.
Love of books is the best of all.

- Jacqueline KennedyAlign Center


Amanda Kendle said...

Gorgeous! I have a similar-aged little boy who does similar things with books. Fortunately his new habit is to put them back in the shelves too - unfortunately he has a rather different shelving system to me and all my carefully categorised books are getting all mixed up! But I love that he loves books :-)

Sally Rippin said...

Among all the baby board books, is that a copy of the Good Food Guide Master Marlo is perusing? In a House of Onion and Cake this is a good sign indeed.

Celine said...

OMG. The rampant cuteness. I love it.

Sadami said...

Dear Alien Onions,
Mmmm...that's the secret reason why editors work on publishing and we, illustrator work hard. Hahaha!
Oh, a gorgeous boy!! But the real boy is much more gorgeous than this photo.
So lovely quote and ture. Please keep up wonderful work to make children happy.
Best wishes, Sadami