06 May 2011

London Calling

It seems to be the season for very special visitors.

Earlier in the week we were delighted by a visit from the very charming Onion-about-London. She wrangles all manner of operations in our UK office* , from the highbrow to the silly mid off.

As befitted the occasion, there was cake.

And not just any old gluten-filled cake. This was an extremely tasty Flourless Orange Cake. Our thanks to the Acting Cake-maker. Excellent work!

Which brings us to a matter that regular readers may have noticed. It's been all quiet on the cake-making front lately*. Do not despair - the Cake-maker Virtuoso has not abandoned us. She has simply been flitting around the world. And my, she is an intrepid and determined traveller. When everyone else was cancelling their flights to Japan, she stood firm, held her nerve and bravely boarded this almost empty plane bound for Tokyo - and beyond.

Her reward? Cherry blossoms, of course.

While she swanned about in the Land of the Rising Sun, and then discovered the delights of New York and San Francisco - we were left virtually** cake-less. Cake-less, we tell you! A very sad state of affairs indeed. The good news is that she had a marvellous time and has returned safely. Hallelujah!

*Well, not counting this cake, and not counting the Oscar cake, which were aberrations. Tasty tasty aberrations.
** It must be confessed that while technically cake-less, we did indulge in a chocolate mint slice that the C-M V had made in advance and LEFT IN THE FREEZER FOR US. She's just that kind of woman. And no, no you may not have her. She is ours.


a grateful intern said...

also, a toothy cake...

miss elise said...

Yes, and don't I recall some sort of BEER cake, left in the freezer also... or was the tooth cake the beer cake? Cakes, cakes. I go home every night and dream of cakes!

The Alien Onions said...

The tooth/beer cake!!

How could we have forgotten!

thaliak said...

'Cake' has the highest number of posts in your label cloud, so you're not doing too badly, Onions!