11 April 2011

Trailer trove

Our first introduction to the Filthies and their struggle against the elites of the Upper Decks was in Worldshaker by Richard Harland.

D. M. Cornish said:
'I loved Worldshaker! A claustrophobic setting of rivets, iron and steam, rustling silks and stiff collars and even stiffer manners; dark, twisting, bustling, brilliant. I was very, very glum when it came to an end.'
Well, be glum no more, D. M. Help is almost at hand!

Hitting the shelves in May is the fantastic fast-paced sequel - Liberator in which Col's and Riff's world has been well and truly turned upside down. This compelling steampunk story is positively crackling with political intrigue and class tension all served up with a sprinkling of good old-fashioned URST.

Herewith a trailer:

Move over Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew, Veronica Mars and Hercule Poirot, there's a new detective in town. Introducing Beatrice May Ross - and her excellent powers of observation and deduction. A Pocketful of Eyes by Lili Wilkinson is teen rom-crime, featuring a dead body in the Red Rotunda, a mysterious benefactor, a handsome young man with an unusual interest in the mating habits of animals and - wait for it - a hot kissing scene on the back of a stuffed tiger. *editor fans self*

Herewith a trailer:

And an interview with the lovely Lili:

And what ho! - a website for The Golden Day, the hauntingly beautiful new novel by Ursula Dubosarsky. We've shown you this trailer before - but it's so short and so enticing and so beautiful we thought we'd give you another helping...

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Jonathan Walker said...

That last one looks like a Sadokierski cover to me ...