18 April 2011

Monday Stuff and Items

1) Interesting to see so many kids and YA characters representing on the Forbes magazines Fictional 15 rich list. Carlisle Cullen invested wisely in the 1700s, Artemis Fowl has sketchy interests, and Chuck Bass is... well, he's Chuck Bass.

The breakdown of how Forbes calculated the wealth of Smaug the dragon is particularly worth reading.

2) Patrick Ness's Top 10 "unsuitable books for teenagers" is hilarious and spot on - particularly number 10!

3) Heads-up, authors. The bar has been raised. What will you put in your next acknowledgements?

4) In honour of the fact that the Cake-maker Virtuoso has, until very recently, been in Japan, here is an amazing Japanese house called the Shelf Pod, designed to store the owners' vast collection of books.

5) This chaotic modern life. Always ringing the changes. And their unexpected consequences. I mean, who would have thought that updating the public transport ticketing system would have such a profound impact? What's a reader supposed to use as a bookmark now she no longer has those perfectly sized expired train tickets? Well one clever designer may well have the answer... build 'em in to the book!

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A latte beckons said...

I WANT that house!

(Maybe not to live in. Just to play.)