11 February 2011

Friday Stuff and Item

Did you know you can WIN a copy of the awesomely awesome Pink over at Lili Wilkinson's blog.
It's the US hardback edition. Fancy!

This puts me in mind of a word game I used to play with my US family on long road trips.
It's called Stinky Pinky* and here's how it goes:
  1. Think of a two-word rhyming phrase. eg 'Stinky pinky'
  2. Give everyone a two-word (or thereabouts) description of that phrase. eg 'Smelly finger'
  3. Everyone tries to guess the rhyming phrase from just the description.
  4. The person who guesses correctly gets to go next
The more syllables in the rhyming phrase the better.
  • One-syllable 'stink pinks' (Description: amphibious web-diary, Answer: frog blog) are relatively easy.
  • Two-syllable 'stinky pinkies' (Description: cool primate, Answer: funky monkey) are more advanced.
  • But the most coveted of all is the a three-syllable 'stinkety pinkety'. (Description: ever-young vicar, Answer: peter-pan preacher-man)
Sometimes two people will come up with different but possible answers (Description: Imitation baked-good. Answer: fake cake OR faux gateau). Then you can fight about who gets to go next all the way to your destination. Good times. good times.

So, here are a few Pink stinky pinkies** for your Friday afternoon entertainment:

Theatre tantrum
Protagonist rescuer
Mountainous author

* If you've played it before - yay! If not, bear with us, it's not what you're probably thinking.
**We will provide answers to the Pink stinky pinkies. But not till Monday.


A latte beckons said...

Okay, I couldn't guess.

But I still want to know the answers!

The Alien Onions said...

Oh we forgot to give the answers! Thanks, Kate!

Pink related Stinky Pinkies:

Theatre tantrum = stage rage
Protagonist rescuer = Ava saver
Mountainous author = hilly Lili