18 February 2011

Books, books, books

It seems like a good time to celebrate the joy of story in general, and the book in particular. Well, yes, it's true, we never stopped celebrating the joy of the book, but, you know, it's a bit like celebrating the joy of cake. Any excuse.

So here's a list of reasons to go out and get your hands on a good book, quicksmart.

1. The weekend is almost upon us and it looks as though many of us are in for a wet and woolly weekend - and the best thing about a wet, woolly weekend? It's a perfect excuse to curl up somewhere comfortable, listen to the rain on the roof, and read, read, read.

Thanks to BOM for keeping us in the loop.

2. Books in bookcases. You know what we mean. Especially those bookcases that line a whole wall. And if they have a ladder, well, they have us at hello. Even unread books have a place in the bookcase. And you know how when you go to someone's house for the very first time, it is almost impossible not check out their bookcases.

Of course, this can lead to awkward moments when you fail to follow the conversation because your eyes are roving the shelves and have lingered too long on that copy of the book you love, love, love and you thought no one else in the world cared about it, but there it is on the shelf and you can't look away, and it looks as though it has been well-loved, but perhaps it was purchased second-hand and was well-loved by someone else, perhaps it was even your copy that you lent to that friend you no longer keep in touch with, perhaps it has found its way back to you...

Oh, what were you saying? Oh, yes. Yes, I'm sorry, I was distracted by your wonderful books...

3. Effortless travel. No tickets to book. No packing. No passport. No airports. No foreign currency. No long-haul flights with scary strangers who want to talk all the way to your destination. No unfamiliar ablution facilities.

Novels or non-fiction. They can spirit us off to places familiar or unknown, anticipated or pined-for. So many opportunities for effortless and amazing overseas adventure - especially if you are a big chicken.

4. Being Here by Barry Jonsberg

What a thrill it was when we first read the manuscript of Barry Jonsberg's new novel Being Here - and now it's a very handsome book so everyone else can read it too. Hooray! Being Here is a wonderful novel about a girl who loves books, and seeks solace in story when the challenging reality of her own life overwhelms her - and her retreat into her imaginative life is well-rewarded. It's tender, clever, funny, a little heartbreaking, beautifully written, and ultimately a celebration of storytelling.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's a snippet of what the Australian Bookseller & Publisher said:
Along with Carly, the reader is drawn into the story of Leah's childhood - even as she points out the various narrative devices she is using (cliff-hangers, plot twists). Carly is kept interested with the promise of murder and betrayal. Jonsberg's writing is as beautiful as ever and Leah's love of language is perfectly conveyed to the reader - this book is in part a tribute to the art and power of a story.
Ah, yes, the power of story. Even better than a super-power.

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