15 December 2010

A Very Onion Christmas - a little something something for the adults too

Good King Wenceslas looked out,
on the Feast of Onion.
When the books lay round about,
bright and new and fun... ion.

Time's a ticking. Christmas is approaching at the speed of... well, Christmas. If you are still casting about for the perfect gift to give the adult in your life, here's a list of books that might just fit the bill - especially if you, like us, occasionally indulge in a spot of self-gifting.

Hamlet by Nicki Greenberg
This dazzling graphic novel of Hamlet has won hearts and minds across the land. And so it should. It is, quite simply, stunning. But don't just take our word for it. Cameron Woodhead is singing its praises too.
'For lovers of comic books and Shakespearean drama (and those who devoured Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics in their youth) this Hamlet is an essential acquisition for your library. For everyone else, it remains an intriguing jewel, refracting light into some obscure corners of Shakespeare's immortal classic.'

Drawn from the Heart by Ron Brooks
Oh Ron Brooks, how we love your brilliant books. From the crosshatched delights of The Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek and John Brown Rose & the Midnight Cat, to the quiet loveliness of Old Pig, to the beautifully heartbreaking portrayal of betrayal in Fox (jiggity hop, Magpie, jiggity hop) and beyond. Ron Brooks grew up in the country, a noticing kind of boy with an eye for beauty and a passion for drawing. Drawn From the Heart is his wonderfully vivid and honest memoir of a life lived intensely in search of truth, love and beauty.
Oh. Yes. Just say yes.

What's that? You already own all the Harry Potters? I think you're missing the point. These are NEW EDITIONS. And they are PRETTY. And they come in a box with a LID. We already own them all too - sometimes more than one copy - and yet... do you see how the box looks as if it WRAPPED UP LIKE A PARCEL! *sounds of massed Onions filling in staff order forms*

And if the reader in your life is also a collector of handsome items... 20th birthday editions of four fabulous books. Hardcovers, cloth binding, with foil (that's non-metallic foil, folks, to produce a de-bossed matte effect - fancy!). But wait, there's more. No, no - it's not our new friend, Piled UV. For these special occasion editions, may we also present the beauty of: Dipped Edges. Oh, my! Perfect for Christmas gift-giving.

Lilian's Story by Kate Grenville
The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas
The White Earth by Andrew McGahan

So now that we've sorted all your Christmas gift-giving needs, it must be time for muffins!

*If you're wondering what Harry Potter is doing in the adult section we have two responses 1) duh 2) refer to this article on admiring youth from a distance (and Hot Ron).

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