07 December 2010

Tuesday Stuff and Items

1) We are preparing a A Very Onion Christmas Gift Guide for y'all and should have it up in the next day or two. In the meantime, here's an awesome one the Mothership prepared earlier
Jingle bells, jingle bells!

2) Guardian of the Dead by Karen Healey has been nominated for the William C Morris Debut Award in the USA. Go Karen! Go Ellie!
Jingle All the way!

3) There was birthday cake. And it was good. A flourless orange cake - with strawberries... and cream.

4) The Guardian is doing a series of posts on Seasons Readings. They've mentioned Rumer Godden and Raymond Briggs, so already we approve. Here is a refresher on Onion reading habits of the Christmas period.
What fun it is to read...

5) In a one-horse open sleigh!


A latte beckons said...

'Something for everyone', eh? Everyone except children, it seems. Nothing between picture books and YA? Mothership, I am disappointed in you!

(Unless you are leaving this to the Onions, in which case I apologise.)

The Alien Onions said...

Kate - Look look look now! Childrens books have arrived.

They were always invited, they were just a bit late to the party. You know what that age-group is like - always pushing boundaries, wanting to start going their own way, getting distracted by things and wandering off...

A latte beckons said...

Okay, I'm sorry. All is forgiven!