17 September 2010

Friday stuff and item

It seems we only have one item...

Oh, football, how we love you, let us count the ways. Gaz. Moo. Scarlo. Jimmy. Johnno. Mayor of Geelong. Stokesy. Joels. Pods. Tomahawk. Enright. Dasher. Trav. Wojak. Okay, we'll stop counting now before this gets quite out of hand.

Readers who follow football will understand that it is a very nervous day in the House, what with the big game tonight. Whatever can we do to distract ourselves?*

Perhaps there's something we can find on our shelves, an item we may be able to draw inspiration from. Oh, look - is that Tom Harley, former captain of the Cats, Standing Tall on the cover of that rather handsome book nestled in our bookshelves?** Yes, indeedy. And is his book dispensing advice about confidence, teamwork and learning to lead? Yes, yes it is. Well, we feel better already.

Go Cats! Go Cats! Go Cats!

*Well, whatever else besides send two books to the printer - but that's hardly a nerve-calming exercise.
** We are EXTREMELY grateful to our former (now flightless) Cake-maker Extraordinaire for making this excellent item, and for making it available to us.

1 comment:

Emily Paull said...

I live in Perth, and I wore my Cats guernsey to Uni today... hehe.

Go Geelong!