20 March 2009

Things we've noticed

Pigs are popular.

Wilbur - Charlotte's Web by E. B. White
Babe - The Sheep-pig by Dick King-Smith
Applesauce - Applesauce and the Christmas Miracle by Glenda Millard, illustrated by Stephen Michael King
Old Pig - by Margaret Wild, illustrated by Ron Brooks
Max - George Clooney's pig
The Three Little Pigs*

Nobody wants the pig to die.

Perhaps that's why it all went so badly on William Golding's island (Lord of the Flies) and George Orwell's farm (Animal Farm) - they chose the wrong path for the pigs...

So if in doubt, save your bacon.

* We do have a soft spot for the big bad wolf, especially as the little pigs have a penchant for inappropriate development.


Anonymous said...

And of course Piglet from Winnie-the-Pooh!

Natalie Hatch said...

I've always wondered if the three little pigs had the appropriate local council building permits. I'm sure that the OHS would have had words to say about the first two houses.

A latte beckons said...

Don't forget Nina Bawden's Peppermint Pig.

And Beatrix Potter's Pigling Bland (and his gorgeous little friend Pig-Wig!)

Jellyfish said...

May I draw your attention to this post over at The Enthusiast:


(how do I make that linky? bah.)

I suggested Olivia for that list - she is extremely wonderful. Was also delighted to see Denise Richards' pig get a look in. WHAT A CUTIE!

I'd also like to champion Piggie from Mo Willem's divine 'Elephant and Piggie' books. He rocks!

The Alien Onions said...

Yes - pigs, definitely popular!

Goldilocks & WKDN: we realised as soon as we posted that we had forgotten Piglet & Peppermint Pig, but we were confident someone else would champion them - thank you. And extra thanks for reminding us of Pigling Bland & Pig-Wig.

Natalie:we too fear that those hastily constructed houses were in breach of regulations - and this Onion knows from experience that a house of sticks is definitely an unsafe environment when one is using candles for a light source...

Jellyfish: Olivia! and we are well-pleased to see Miss Piggy and friends over on The Enthusiasts blog (and I am baffled about how to make linky-ness in the comments - anyone any ideas?