24 March 2009

SNS - short novel service

The MWF are have hit upon an excellent idea for a competition.

Instead of calling for The Great Australian Novel, they are casting about for The Great Australian Text Message (TGATM) or Gr8 Oz Txt Msg, and subscribers have been asked to enter their suggestions. They concede they borrowed this clever idea from US author, Peter Hyman's, Gr8 American Txt Msgs which include:
Mo B Dik
Call me.

Advtrs of HckFin
DQMONT but I thnk ant pol-e wnts 2 sivilize u.
Hd fer the Trtories. Tke the rft Jim dsnt wnt it 2day.

Genius, right? So we figured it might be fun to apply it to kids' books. Turns out it's quite a challenge - but we have made a start.
Chrlt's Wb
Mrcle on da web. Chekit @ Zmans farm.

Hw i Lv Nw
H8 war, luv cuz. How r u?

P'ton Bear
Pls lk aftr dis br, ta.

Wnd in th Wllws
Sprng cleaning sux. C U at Rivr or WWd or TdHall.

Get your text on, everyone.



Nicki Greenberg said...

Vteen rabt:
Sry hv 2 go. Kp it real.

Natalie Hatch said...

Hngr Gmes:
Wn it 4 da Dst.

Wkd Lvly:
Cld b da Wntr Qn.

Ink Xchng:
Dnt do tatts.

Lvly B1s:
Hvns gd, ctch klr?

just a few. Maybe this should be the new way to pitch?

sophie said...

Mgc Fw Tr

EB: 3 kidz w pixz mf & whtznme

sophie said...

Hrd Owl Cll Nme


The Alien Onions said...

Sophie - 2nd contribution = SHEER BRILLIANCE.

Natalie - nice going! Our particular favourite is the Lovely Bones one. Genius!

Nicki - You have succeeded in making me laugh over the Velventeen Rabbit. Who thought that would ever happen?