21 February 2013

Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin

'A few months before I left Australia I got a letter from the bush signed "Miles Franklin", saying that the writer had written a novel, but knew nothing of editors and publisher, and asking me to read and advise. Something about the letter, which was written in a strong original hand, attracted me, so I sent for the MS, and one dull afternoon I started to read it. I hadn't read three pages when I saw what you will no doubt see at once - that the story had been written by a girl. And as I went on I saw that the work was Australian...'   HENRY LAWSON, from the Preface in My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin

A girl! An Australian girl! Wrote a novel!

Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin. Today your legacy is celebrated with the announcement of the longlist for the inaugural Stella Prize, the major new literary award for Australian women's writing.

And we are dancing-in-the-house DELIGHTED that Margo Lanagan's brilliant novel Sea Hearts is on the list

Dancing-in-the-house DELIGHTED.

So many HOORAYS for marvellous Margo. 
So many HURRAHS to all the excellent writers on the longlist
And so many HUZZAHS to the wonderful women at
The Stella Prize who have made it happen. 
One million cheers for all of you.

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