12 December 2012

The Last Cakes of the Year

It's been a bumper year for cakes. It would be tough to pick a favourite, especially as these three just slid under the wire and into contention:

Christmas Trifle by SB

Ruby Grapefruit and Choc-chip Almond Cake by SF


Crack Pie by the Cake-maker Virtuoso

When we recover from our sugar coma we will be posting one last Christmas gift list - Outside the Box books - and then after that there will probably just be increasing silliness because the holidays are so close we can taste them. And they taste sweeeet.**

* 'Say it ain't so, Joe!'
'Sorry, kid. I'm afraid it is.'
**Or maybe that's just the second helping of Crack Pie...

1 comment:

miss elise said...

My vote's with the crack pie, and it's not just because that's the last cake I tasted... IT'S BECAUSE IT WAS HEAVEN IN A PIE-PAN!!