08 March 2012

Getting Published as a Writer for Children

Have you written a book for children?
Are you writing a book for children?
Will you write a book for children?*

If so, do you have a plan for what to do after you type that final word?**
Do you need an agent?
What do you put in your cover letter?
Dear god, what is a cover letter?
Who do you send it to?
What do publishers want?***

If you are asking yourself these questions, then the Faber Academy Getting Published as a Writer for Children course is for YOU.

Alternative titles**** for this course could include:
- Hanging with Four of the Most Awesome Women in Publishing
- Getting the Lowdown from the High-ups
- Absorbing the Wisdom from Their Mighty Brains*****

As we have mentioned, the course is being convened by the Amazing Rosalind.

But now we're very excited to see that Rosalind is being joined by an all-star cast. Seriously these are some of our favourite people ever, world without end, amen.

May we present:

The indefatigable, the irrepressible, the inspirational Elizabeth Honey.
Liz is a brilliant writer and a wonderful illustrator. Her Stella Street books are classics: funny and warm and full of mischief, just like Liz herself. She has a wealth of experience and tells a cracking story. Also, her most recent book, Ten Blue Wrens, contains pavlovas, so you know she's all right.

The charming, the clever, the coruscating Lili Wilkinson. You may know her from her work at the Centre for Youth Literature, or from her blog or from her MARVELLOUS BOOKS, of which there is a new one out next month. Love-shy - BRING IT ON. Lili's books have been published around the world and she is wise in the matters to hand.

And finally the very knowledgeable, very fabulous, very best Erica Wagner. She is also our very own, so we expect her back at the end of your course. Under no circumstances may you take her home with you, because we rely on her utterly - for her vision, her passion, her experience, and her incredible ability to see and nurture potential.  We know first hand what an amazing team Erica and Rosalind make - they have taught many of us in the House of Onion just about everything we know about editing and publishing.

Get thee to the Faber Academy

* If you can conjugate verbs half as well as we can, I'm sure your book's a winner.
** Here are some good final words we came up with, you should feel free to borrow: 'exploded', 'dead', 'celebration', 'pash', 'perfect', 'butt-head'. Here are some you should avoid: 'dream', 'limp', 'squib', 'conclusion', 'end'. You're welcome.  
*** Apart from cake.
**** Why yes, coming up with a title for your book will be covered in this course.
***** Oh no, wait, that's the Writing for Zombies course being offered next month.


Bonnee Crawford said...

If I wrote a book for Zombies, it would be called "Braaaaiiiiinnnnnssss" and would consist of the repetition of the word 'brains' throughout each page. The other course you were talking about sounds pretty cool too. ;)

The Alien Onions said...

Congratulations, Bonnee! You would score 100% in the final exam for the 'Writing for Zombies' course.

Or, to put it another way, Braiiiinnnssss


Bonnee Crawford said...

I'll have to learn fluent Zombie before I begin. Better get onto that...