01 February 2012

Selkies in the storm-tossed seas

Friends, readers, book lovers - lend us your eyes.

We like announcements. And some time ago we made an announcement about Margo Lanagan. So, delighted we were to see that Adelaide Writer's Week has made an announcement about Margo too:
It is a great honour to dedicate Adelaide Writers’ Week 2012 to Margo Lanagan, a writer of extraordinary intellect and imagination.

And look! Look how clever and articulate and utterly winning Margo is as she talks about her brilliant new novel Sea Hearts.

This has been the Alien Onions .... with, let's face it, a bit of a crush now, actually.

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Among Amid While said...

I credit Jyy-Wei and Anthony—Andrew—that lovely camera-man whose name I got wrong, with making me look good. In the video. And Steven, and Sean Williams, for making me look IMPRESSIVE on the AWW website. :D