03 November 2011

The editor's cut

This one time, there was jelly slice in a manuscript. 

But the manuscript was set in Queensland, where the jelly wouldn't. 

Set that is. 

Or maybe the whole thing would melt. Anyway it would be a disaster.

And so a difficult decision was made: 


But the Cake-maker Virtuoso just couldn't let it go. She had jelly slice on her mind.


What follows is an exclusive cut scene, an outtake, a special-features reel.

Isn't it beautiful, the way it wobbles...

 the way it refracts the light...

So beautiful, so wobbly, so refracty. And just a little bit illicit.

Bootleg jelly slice - the best kind.

1 comment:

Thaliak said...

Spooky. It's the jelly slice that would not exist had it not first been imagined in a work of fiction. It's crossed over from the other side...