21 September 2011

I'm Still Awake, Still

In a cream-coloured house
with an upstairs 
and a downstairs
lived Rosalind the Publisher 
and her bunch of Onions.

Rosalind was tall and busy and thoughtful. 
When she heard an editor singing 
in the kitchen one day, she said,
'Time for a choir now, don't you think, Onions?'

'Good idea,' said Sue the Editor. 
Sue the Singer thought so too.
'But I need some lyrics,' she said.
'Who'll write me some words for drifting and dreaming?'

So Elizabeth, the Artist and Author 
dreamed up something wonderous 
and sang about it in her head.

And Rosalind and Elizabeth and Sue-times-two 
danced the songs 
and the words and the pictures 
around and around 
until they become a beautiful book and CD.

'I'm still inspired, still,' called the creators to each other.
So they scooped up their ideas 
and waltzed them all the way 
Jump Leads 
the absolutely gorgeous
totally unmissable
world premiere performance of

Just in time for the school holidays!
 Where:  Fairfax Studio, the Arts Centre
 When:  28 September to 2 October,  
11am  & 1.30 pm each day 

You can book here: www.theartscentre.com.au/kids

Stay tuned tomorrow for some of the behind-the-scenes story* 
of how this idea was developed from song, to page, to stage.

* Told with some never-before-seen Liz Honey artwork - aww yeah, that's right, we give you the good stuff!

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