15 July 2011

An open letter to Harry Potter **UPDATED**

Dear Harry,

When did you get so grown-up?

We remember when you were just a wee boy in a cupboard under the stairs. We remember when we had boxes of your story in a cupboard under our stairs*. We remember the agony of having to wait to open them at the same time as everyone else all over the world.

We have such affection for you, Harry. We're kind of like a big houseful of clucky aunts. Or maybe more like the collection of creatures at the end of Labyrinth - we've played our part, we've helped you as much as we can. But you do know that should you need us...

We've loved seeing you on the big screen all these years, Harry. But we'll only get to do that one more time. So it is an ending. But does it really ALL

Of course not, because I just picked up The Philosopher's Stone again - and there you are: small and vulnerable and never been kissed - by girl or dementor.

And there's Hedwig: faithful and brave.**

And in a minute you'll meet Ron and Hermione.

And the Hogwarts Express is only just leaving the platform ... and there's so much that's just beginning.

Much love and grateful thanks,
Your Aunties Onion

PS Do you have Neville Longbottom's phone number? I'm just asking ... for a friend.

*Or perhaps not in that cupboard, perhaps they weren't even in the building, nothing confidential to see here - move along.
** Oh, Hedwig.



You can see the whole collection at www.impawards.com


Anonymous said...

I've been convinced ever since we found out what happened to Neville's parents that he's the TRUE hero of these books... and now, he is all-grown up and wearing tuxedos and making me SWOON.


The Alien Onions said...

You're so right, Anon. He puts up with a lot - he's brave and true and steadfast when it counts, and he's humble.

Also... there's this.

kate.o.d said...

sob. i don't know if it's the flu i'm recovering from or what...but any mention of the hp and i'm a blubbering sook at the moment. thank you for reminding me this is not the end. i'm off to start at the start again.

and neville hotbottom? YES!

Jess the Reader said...

Oh, this was beautiful. I remember getting boxes of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix from A&U when I worked at a bookstore. The excitement made me giddy. Harry Potter Day was so wonderful.

How great that everyone was able to come together and celebrate Harry on the release days. You won't get that with e-books.

Oh the beauty and the joy and the sadness and the lovelovelove in Harry Potter. Thank you Allen & Unwin, for years of Harry.

And Neville.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Hedwig indeed!