06 June 2011

Monday stuff and items

1) This Oliver Jeffers app is one of the most beautiful specimens of its kind we've seen in a long time, and Helena Bonham-Carter thinks so too.

2) This is Shyness author and recent insideadog.com resident Leanne Hall caught our eye at Reading Matters last weekend, not only as a most dazzling panellist, but because she planked onstage! And this interview with David Levithan shows she has even more talents ...

3) Also pleasingly eye-catching at Reading Matters was a shiny Ena Noel IBBY medallion, awarded to Lili Wilkinson for her Scatterheart and because she is an under-35 writer of note. We agree! Congratulations, Lili!

4) And it seems ours were not the only eyes caught at Reading Matters, nor were we the only ones to take inspiration from the tweetings - here is a very amusing poem.

5) With a novel and several e-readers in hand, Mandy Brett spoke recently at the Wheeler Centre about the place of editors in a rapidly changing world:

A full transcript can be found here.

6) And the Wheeler Centre also points us to some very unlikely book covers.

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thaliak said...

LOL - The Musical Interview is brilliant.