11 November 2010

Three Things about Daisy Blue

Fair readers, we know that you know that we Onions love a list.
So when an opportunity arises for us to make one (or more), we leap on it. And it just so happens that one of those opportunities has arisen.

Three Things about Daisy Blue (Girlfriend Fiction 20)
by Kate Gordon is the final book in our wonderful Girlfriend Fiction series. That’s 20 books, people. 20! And look at this handy list we prepared earlier of all the books and extracts for each one.

But back to Daisy Blue - a girl who, like us, loves a list. So here is a list of three things about Daisy Blue:
  1. Daisy Blue does not like keeping a diary.
  2. Daisy Blue loves fashion, movies, TV, celebrity gossip, being skinny, her best friend Jazz and Robbie Chandler.
  3. Daisy Blue does not like politics, homework or nerds.
  4. Daisy Blue does not want to go to Bali.*
And here is a list of three things about Paulina M. Gifford:
  1. Paulina M. Gifford wants to be a historian, but not a celebrity TV historian, because TV rather demeans the seriousness of true historical endeavour.
  2. Paulina M. Gifford loves to travel and is eager to go to Bali to experience the delights of a country rich in religious, historical and cultural significance.
  3. Paulina M. Gifford’s mother has made Paulina promise to look after Daisy Blue while they are in Bali together.
  4. Paulina M. Gifford is not happy about this situation, but she knows that conceding to her mother's wishes is a sensible course of action.**
And here is a list of three things about Kate Gordon:
  1. Kate Gordon was a library monitor and a canteen monitor at high school.
  2. Kate Gordon has three tattoos.
  3. Kate Gordon has climbed a volcano.
  4. Kate Gordon has made a list of her favourite YA novels for 2010.***
And here are three BIG cheers for Kate's debut novel Three Things about Daisy Blue:
  1. Hooray!
  2. Hurrah!
  3. Woohoot!
  4. HUZZAH!****

* Oops, that seems to be a whole lot more than three things about Daisy Blue.
** Okay, so we seem to be resistant to the idea of three as a number of list items. But of course, we already knew this about ourselves.
*** Please note that we borrowed most of these list items from Kate's list of 28 things. Clearly we are showing great restraint by stopping at four.
**** Very resistant.


Fleur McDonald said...

Just got to hold Three Things about Daisy Bolue, in my hand today! The gorgeous and generous, Kate, (through the bookshop she works in) signed a copy and posted it all the way to WA, so my ten year old could read it. (I won't mention I've been glued to it, most of the afternoon, because I'm an adult-adult... not a young one!) you should have heard Rochelle squeal, when I brought it out from behind my back, when she got off the bus!

Miss Cackle said...

*whispers* Actually, I have four tattoos now ... :o)