31 August 2010

Interviewers, be a full storm!

What we mean to say is, Mutton befrills a reviewer.

Or rather: A timeserver be wilful. *snort*

No no wait: Be a fleeter violin, Mrs Wurst!

(OK, walk away from the anagram generator, lady, walk away...*)

To put it another, more correct, way

It's here! It's here!

Go to it.

Many authors - Onions and others - will be talking about many many interesting things. From Hamlet, to ancient magic, to Twilight: hot or not?, to graphic novels and beyond.

See you there!

And, in case you missed it, the Davitt awards were presented at the MWF Sisters in Crime dinner on Saturday night - and we are thrilled to report that not only did Justine Larbalestier's Liar win the YA category, the Onions scooped the pool. Yes! A clean sweep! My weren't we proud.

*If you're thinking, 'Wait, no - step back to the anagram generator, lady. Step back. I love wordplay', then you need to get hold of David Astle's book Puzzled, which is chock full of Secrets and Clues from a Life Lost in Words. (Also, you're a wordnerd - just so you know.)

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