15 December 2009

The Christmas Story (New Allen & Unwin edition*)

And it came to pass in those days that the blog mistresses issued a decree that the blog should have a banner.

And the proclamation went out in the land.

And so it was that the editors, tending their books by night, were disturbed by a commotion on the stairs. And they were sore afraid.

But an artist appeared before them and said, 'Fear not, for glad tidings of great news I bring (and also some awesome artwork).'

And the artist removed the artwork from its swaddling paper and laid it on a scanner.**

And suddenly, a great company of editors and publishers were singing, 'Glory to Terry Denton in the highest. And in East Melbourne peace among women (and Bruno).'

And SC and JW treasured up all these things and pondered them in their hearts and were grateful.

(Click image to enlarge.)

Look! Look! It's the cathedral! It's the lights of the MCG! It's the Fitzroy gardens! And it's all manner of other wonderful items: tucked away in trees, hoisted by a crane, emblazoned across trucks and dirigibles. There is even punctuation in there, people!

It is truly a wonder.

Thank you very very much, Mr Denton.

Much love,

*You can read the proper New International edition here. Or the proper proper King James edition here.
** Actually the good gentlemens at Splitting Image laid the artwork on the scanner, and brought unto life a fine digital image. Glad tidings unto them.


Rebecca said...


A latte beckons said...

WOW!!! That is too, too gorgeous. What a lovely Chrissie present.

(The book being lifted with the crane-thingy is especially delightful.)

barking owl said...

Verily it is a beautiful banner!

I love the little AO cockies.

Celine said...

all this and dirigibles too!

Anonymous said...

Only one thing to say... Amazing!! And so cool, since my office building makes an appearance in the background!

thaliak said...

Awesome. It's like Wacky Wednesday for book lovers. Only better.

bruno! said...

I wish this picture was realistic!

cc said...

Are they delivery guys bringing in apostrophes? Awesome!

Misrule said...

Oh, so jealous! How I'd love such a banner for Misrule! You lucky Onions. *sigh*

Mike said...

Blimey, that Terrence Denton is a clever fellow. How large be his bushel that he might hide such a quantity of light beneath it?