22 June 2009

All atwitter @onions

It has come to our attention that if we could conduct our entire professional correspondence in 140 characters or fewer we would be MUCH more efficient. So today, in lieu of open letters we have open tweets: MS to book in fewer than 1400 characters.

@author Your new ms is EPIC WIN. Warm, funny, full of heart. We chuckled, held breath and did some weeping. Hooray!

@editor MS arrived in great shape - phew - only needs light edit. Can we still make schedule?

Why are you still broken, @coffeemachine ? *Looks harried. Rubs temples. Rushes to local coffee shop.*

@typesetter MS and type design uploaded. Schedule extremely tight. Is it possible to have page proofs ready by yesterday?

@keyboard I spelt it correctly - it was you who messed up the order the letters were in. #typos

@proofreader Proof like the wind #typos

@designer Love cover rough. Maybe different typeface though? And author name bigger? Also, girl's hair not right colour.

@printer Proofs approved. Press print button. *crosses fingers*

@bookseller Best book ever. Please sell truckloads.

@author Friendly reminder: new MS due in 1 month. Don't watch too much West Wing/Friday Night Lights/Merlin/Buffy/Dollhouse/The Wire/30 Rock

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celine said...

Wooo! 30Rock Rocks!