05 December 2008

oh, the things that we will see

Out the window, something extraordinary caught our eye. It was unexpected and brash and laced with danger: young gentlemens water-skiing in the cathedral fountains. For serious!

There are three big rectangle pools, and the water-skiing involved a rope and a 4WD and we suspect some kind of winch contraption, and they water-jumped over the low wall between each pool. They did it several times - and they did tricks! They had us standing on our desks and clapping. A tonic for our Friday afternoon flat spot. Oh, how it swept the glums away!


lili said...

Dear Onions,

What a terrible shame it is that one of you doesn't own some kind of MOBILE DEVICE capable of taking photos. Then you could have captured this wondrous event and shown us all!

Wait, hangon...

Anonymous said...

Dear Lili,

It is just POSSIBLE that we sent our pet designer out with his visual capturing device. We believe that he has captured some visuals. But they are locked away inside his device, because he didn't bring the appropriate connection apparatus.



joanlil said...

Me too! Where are the pics? Rule One: have camera/mobile phone ready at all times. The best pic is the one you couldn't take because .....