23 April 2012

When the Obamas Met Amos

In a recent post about Awesome [Buffy] Reading we may have said: That is all.

Well, dear readers, we have an apology to make. We were wrong. That was not all. THERE IS MORE!

In further Awesome People Reading [Our Books] News* may we bring your attention to this item that pleases us very much indeed.**

The scene: The White House South Lawn.***

The book: A Sick Day for Amos McGee Philip C Stead.

The awesome people reading: Sasha and Malia Obama****

That may not be all.

* Actually not just Awesome People Reading, but also Awesome First Dog Listening.
** Thanks so much to KW for bringing this genius item to our attention.
*** Cue W.G. Snuffy Walden theme music.
**** And also President Obama, reading Where the Wild Things Are. Who else loves to read, Mr President? We do! We do!

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Bonnee Crawford said...

Hahaha this is awesome :)