16 April 2012


Having spent the whole day gazing adoringly at Lenny Kravitz in a bookshop, we thought we'd take a recreational turn around a few book blogs, when something VERY EXCITING OCCURED.

The specific blog: Awesome People Reading 

The specific awesome person reading: Sarah Michelle Gellar

And the specific book? 

What is the specific book?

The specific book is Where is Baby? by Sally Rippin!

Buffy is reading our book! Buffy is! BUFFY. IS. READING. OUR. BOOK.*

That is all.

* Sally - I'm pretty sure this means you and SMG are, like, total best friends now.



Bonnee Crawford said...

Sweet :D What more can be said?

Sally Rippin said...


Imelda Evans said...

I think, if it were my book, I could die happy now! Cool pic!

Frances Watts said...

I suppose that DOES trump my previous favourite moment: David Wenham holding a copy of Old Tom's Holiday (by the inimitable Leigh Hobbs) in the TV movie After the Deluge. Okay, so it was 10 years ago...and it's not Buffy...but David Wenham!

Jodie Wells-Slowgrove said...

Lucky Sally Rippin! That is just the coolest thing ever!

Jodie Wells-Slowgrove said...

Lucky Sally Rippin! That is just awesome.

Kali said...

I was so disappointed that it wasn't a video! So I found a video: Though it doesn't feature your book :-(