20 April 2012

Friday Stuff and Items

1) Darth Vader and Son by Jeffrey Brown

Just... yes.

2) Inspired by this Brain Pickings post, the good people of @Mostly_Books in South Australia have an excellent competition running: A free copy of Erebos  or The Ink Bridge  for the best book-spine poetry. Raid your book shelves, summon your inner poet, get your hashtag on: #bookspinepoetry.

We had a go. It's addictive. Maybe we'll just do this for the rest of Friday ...

3) The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Get on it. Herewith an interview with Creators and Executive Producers Hank Green and Bernie Su.

4) Autumn in Melbourne is so beautiful: clear, still, sunny days; crisp nights; the start of the footy season. But autumn's always a bit melancholy too. And today it's raining.  The Go-Betweens might have been writing about Brisbane, but this song resonates with the autumnal Melbourne soul.

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Sadami said...

Dear Onions,
Oh, thank U so much! Your post inspires and makes me smile. I love them all!!
Cheers, Sadami