05 April 2012

366 Days of Awesome

The New South Wales Writers' Centre are very helpful in numerous ways. 

They run courses and workshops on writing and publishing; they curate festivals, including the Kids and Young Adult Literature Festival; they offer help and advice on writing and publishing. 

And they make sure we will never forget where their apostrophe goes by making it HUGE. 

This is very helpful as it reminds us that this is a centre for all writers, not just a centre for one writer.

The NSWWC also has an excellent blog , where for 366 Days they will be posting reviews of Australian books. And you can submit your own! 

Oh look! A review of Margo Lanagan's Tender Morsels

Oh look! A review of Brigid Lowry's Guitar Highway Rose

Oh look! A review of Andrew McGahan's The Coming of the Whirlpool.

Oh look! A review of... wait a moment... that's not a review, that's a LOLCAT!  
The NSWWC are posting our What Do Editors Do All Day series, and doesn't it look pretty over there under their nice green masthead!

We do love a bit of collaboration between blogs.

A Coblogeration? Collaborblogtion? Bloglaboration?

Ok, you know what... it's clearly time to have a little Easter holiday. Enjoy the break, everyone. We hope you get in some good reading, some good eating and some good resting.

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Bonnee Crawford said...

Guitar Highway Rose is an amazing read <3