02 August 2012

Barry and Stella do all the important things

Stella: Hello, everyone. Barry's still washing up the cake forks, so I'm doing all the captions!

Today we carried out a lot of tasks reserved especially for work experience students like us, because of their extremely high levels of importance.
The Onions said they were really jealous of our tasks today, and they were only letting us do them because they were so busy. 

But then I caught one with her feet up on the desk watching the book trailer of Unforgotten by Tohby Riddle, so I'm not sure if that's true. 

The Unforgotten trailer is so cool. You should watch it too.

After we watched that a few (dozen) times, we participated in the most Onion of events: cake!

It is our best friend Mini Goss's birthday today. She's not doing work experience with us, though, so we had to just think of her as we ate. Happy Birthday, Mini!


A latte beckons said...

Barry and Stella, I am very much enjoying your adventures in the House of Onion. I hope they offer you permanent positions after all your hard work!

Sadami said...

Happy Birthday, Mini! Thank U, Onions for sharing the trailer that touches heart. Please take care, Students, Stella, Barry.
Best wishes, Sadami

The Alien Onions said...

Sadami - We're so glad you enjoyed the Unforgotten trailer! It made us sniffle a little too.

A latte beckons - Hooray and thank you! Barry says he thinks you might be the famous author of Crow Country. If you are, that would be super exciting because we really enjoyed that book. And now I'm reading Cicada Summer - which is awesome too.

Stella xx

A latte beckons said...

I'm glad you liked them Stella :-)