01 August 2012

Barry and Stella's Tidy-up

Today we had a look around the House, and it became clear we really needed to help those busy Onions clean up a bit.
Stella: Barry, I think I just found out why the kitchen smells of ancient mandarin peel.
Barry: Ew! Why would anyone keep old tea-leaves and apple cores?
Stella: Maybe it's a home brew for Friday nights.
Onion: Ahem. Actually, we are utilising an Effective Micro-Organism to transform kitchen waste into a nutrient-rich soil conditioner through anaerobic composting.

Stella: And look, Barry, it's all the drafts of our book! Oo, you had such hat hair after that shoot, remember?
Barry: Look at that massive box in that massive pile of boxes. Now that it's a book, isn't it a little redundant to keep all those old notes and bits of paper?
Onion: One day the National Library will be very grateful for that. And one day we might need to refer to something.  
Barry: It's really because you haven't got around to making a slim archive folder of essential documents, isn't it? Let me help.

Stella: You know what, Barry? I can't bear the lack of alphabetical order in that bookcase any longer.
Onion [covering eyes]: We take no responsibility for work-experience students taking matters into their own hands and abseiling while unattended.

Onion 2: Is it just me or is it proving to be a long week?

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MummyateMe said...

Here's to the cutest work experience students ever! Too too cute!
And I love your books ... http://mummyateme.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/too-cold-for-tutu-by-mini-goss-book.html