03 August 2012

Farewell from Barry and Stella

Barry:  It's our last day (sniff), and my turn to write the captions.

Today we did real editorial work. Stella wrote a letter to an author telling them their book was brilliant, except for the beginning, the middle and the end.

And I got halfway through an email to Jennifer Castles and Dean Bowen telling them how I loved their book but thought they would sell more copies in Australia if it was in English, before I worked out that they already knew that.

All in all, it's been a big week, and we're exhausted.

But we had the best time. Thank you to everyone who made such nice comments on our posts. 

Stella: Yes, thank you, everyone! Even you, Mr Smithingtonson. We're not quite ready to be real editors yet, but we do have a real picture book you can read, which our friend Mini helped us with!

Barry: Oh, also! If you want us to do work experience at your workplace, or just come over and play at your house, you should enter this competition that the Onions are running.

Stella: Thank you again, everyone! We'll say goodbye now  because it's almost home time.

Barry: No, I distinctly heard an Onion say that it was almost wine time. Let's go!


*The Onions would like to state for the record that we do not condone underage drinking. Barry and Stella will be toasting their work experience week with a tall frosty glass of orange juice.

We would also like to thank Barry and Stella's best friend Mini Goss for letting them hang out with us this week. It has been most enjoyable, and things have never been so well alphabetised.


Frances said...

I think maybe this has been the best week of Alien Onion blogging ever (and that's saying something). Thank you, Barry and Stella!

Shelleyrae said...

LOL, I wouldn't leave that wine unattended at any time!

Sadami said...

Thank you, Barry and Stella, her best friend Mini. Very sad, but hopefully I will see you at a bookshop. Take care not to catch a cold in a tutu.
Best wishes, Sadami