19 January 2011

Wednesday Stuff and Items

1) The Golden Day by Ursula Dubosarsky (out in April) is just the most stunning book. Really, we're rendered a bit wordless by how much we love it, so, here, look at the pretty pictures in this fabulous new book trailer.

2) Neil Gaiman is going to be yellow.*
We are green with envy. But also purple with pride. If you haven't read his latest, Odd and the Frost Giants, get thee to a bookery.

3) The Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo tweets!
A brave and bold Sydney Onion has taken the reins of an Allen & Unwin Twitter account. And lo there was much excitement! If you are interested in Gossip and News and Insight and, perhaps most importantly, GIVEAWAYS then follow @AllenAndUnwin

4) And in things that make us go 'hee!' news, we keep hearing reports that Paul Kelly's wonderful How to Make Gravy has been spotted shelved in the cookbook section of bookstores. Perhaps they could put a little shelf-talker under it: Paul Kelly, Australia's finest singer-songwriter-saucier.

*And last year, his (now) wife, Amanda Palmer, guest programmed Rage. So between them they have now achieved two long-held ambitions of at least one Onion.

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